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JVC MX-D402T compact component sys cd problem

Craig Posted Sep 10, 2005

cd player repair ideas

I have a mx-d402t compact component system (consists of ca-d402t and sp-d402). Recently it developed a problem whereby when one or more cds are loaded it makes all the noises like its getting ready to play and then says "no disc". I took it apart and observed the process with the cover off and it appears to start spinning the selected disc and then it stops spinning and the mesage appears. I have tried it with 1,2, and 3 discs and a variety of different discs. The results are always the same. Any ideas on how to repair and, if you think it's worth it, where I could send it for repair. I live in Houston!


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    Thanks Craig , that worked for me. Only had 1 screw to take off the cover of the laser though.


    To help you, unscrew and open the metal case cover. find the 3CD case layer, unscrew the only 2 small screw on the top of shelves that serve a lock, carefully unhook the clip. Clean up the led reader sensor on the center by cotton buds w/drop of alcohol. Re assemble again. Then try and operate. I know it will work and spinn continously Your place are so far from mine in Manila RICK F



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