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Sony DCR-HC30 -FP835

sivaram.v Posted Sep 12, 2005

Flexible Strip is a big failure in SONY DCR-HC30

We have stock of the Flexible PWB and costs US$33.00 The price includes paypal commission,cost of the parts and Shipping and handling and we despatch by registered Air Mail. Pay by PAYPAL ID:


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    I have a sony dcr-hc30 with a possibly broken jk-260, because only firewire stopped working, all other functions work after someone "borrowed it" and "forgot to bring my firewire cable". trip on it, anyone? so, you well it for $33? do you have any left? I'd love to get that part, please. Kristoffe


    I have a Sony DCR-HC20 and I need the FP835 ribbon cable. What are the common symptoms of a failure of this part?



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