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Re: LCD not viewable on Sony F717

sivaram.v Posted Sep 14, 2005, in response to:Dee

Check the LCD and Lens Assy. Video as any one can be faulty. If the picture appears in a PC link then the Lens is OK>


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    Hi Sivaram Thanks for your reply to my question on PECHORIN'S audio and video equipment discussion forum. The LCD and lens assembly seems to be fine, though it's hard to tell as it has not be disassembled just yet, though i am thinking of doing this shortly,as i'm getting really desperate right now. I had a few quotes from camera shops to have it repaired, but i'm looking around 5 to 800 Australian dollars to have it fixed, i'm sure with some help like people from yourself and others on forums, i might be able to solve this problem myself. Well i just like to thank you for your help, and will look in depth into the solutions that you mentioned, i really appreciate your help, thanks a million Sivaram. Dee Thank You

    Comment 1, Last comment by sivaram.v Sep 14, 2005


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