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Irving Denslow Posted Sep 17, 2005

Repair manual and/or schematic for model 2561

I have a model 2561 with 8 speakers that was installed about 30 years ago. Unit still works but in last year or so after being turned on for about an hour it develops a LOUD squeal and static. Would like to be able to repair or purchase a good used 2561/2562 model. (this should cost less and will not require rewiring or replacing speakers.)


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    Irving, Are you still looking for speakers for your intercom system? I recently purchased a home that had a NuTone 2561-2562 Intercom system installed when it was built in the late 60's. The previous owners had removed two of the receivers/speakers, so I decided to remove the entire system instead of attempting to replace the speakers. I have 4 speakers and the control panel available. I currently have one of the engineers I work with examining the system to see if the control panel is in working condition before placing it on ebay. Entire system appears to be in really good condition, I just do not know yet if the controller is functioning. Any interest, let me know. Annette

    Comment 1, Last comment by Irving Denslow Aug 04, 2007

    looking for a good used unit how much how to call you JimS



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