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What's Up With The Record Deal... What the Business Is???

Keith Jackson B.K.A Kee Wee Zee Posted Sep 17, 2005

Ah, what's up? My group and I been looking for a deal, but no one is really looking at our talent. We have signed with over five artisat, but they try to get over us because of our. My group name is "Wicked Wayz". I'm the youngest out my group and also the crunkest. I'm the more responible one and I make sure the group is on top of the game. I free style every Thursday on the radio and haven't last a battle yet. I don't say I'm better than no one but, thats what the comments I get from people my way and out of town. People say "I" need to go out there and do it, and I'll really make it if I try, but it's too much talent out there and I'm,... we are getting over looked. But that o.k. if yall don't respond... at least I tried, but I'll holla at yall later...1!!! From Ya Boy, Kee Wee Zee B.K.A Lil' Wezzy


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