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JVC GRD-22U Lens Cap Error Message

Jon Schwartz Posted Sep 18, 2005

Help with fix for "Lens Cap" Error Message JVC GR-D22U camcorder

Does anyone have a fix for the dreaded "Lens Cap" error message on my JVC GR-D22U digital camcorder. JVC has referred me to two local repair shops. I've removed the battery for an hour. Unit plays back pre recorded tape with audio with no problem. When recording I get Black screen with audio but no video - message states "Lens Cap" although the lens cap is removed. Unit cost $199.99. Reading prior customer concerns it appears only servicable by JVC at a big cost. Thanks for any advice you can share! Jon


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    I had the Lens Cap problem on my camera for about 2 years and after fiddling with it just recently some how have it fully functional again. I set the camera to Manual, Menu, System, Cam Reset, Execute. I think I did this a few times and turned my camera on and of a few times and now my screen showed white blurred streaks when I pointed it at light sources. So then I pointed the camera not directly at the sun but near it so see what would happen tot eh white streaks. They covered the screen for a second, the screen went blank and then everything worked just as before. I doubt this will work for everyone but it worked for me.

    Comment 1, Last comment by John Mar 22, 2010

    Download a video of how to get rid of Lens Cap error on JVC even when the Lens cap has been removed .... ",59.msg101.html#msg101 "


    Just a quick update- I removed the battery for several days from my JVC GRD-22U and the Lens Cap Error message no longer shows! Glad to be able to use the camera. Saw the tip here on line here. Thanks to all! Jon

    Comment 1, Last comment by Jimmy Mar 15, 2009

    Im having the exact same problem I bought mine like 2 years ago have only used it two or three times and when i pulled it out it keeps saying lens cap when it's not on. I have modle GR-SXM265U. so I dont know. I think its a jvc thing


    Just want to pass the word around if someone has a model # NOT on JVC’s list that exhibits the same exact lens lap error JVC WILL NOT fix it free! They will charge about $150 for labor even if within the warranty time. I have a $400 piece of crap that I’ve used exactly twice!! Darlene Troy, NY

    Comment 1, Last comment by uker Jul 25, 2006

    Has anyone had their CCD repaired? Did the repair last or does it just break again?? I have a reputable repair center here locally but would like to know how well the repair holds up in the end. Any feedback would be helpful. My camera is the GR-DF430U. THANKS!!


    JVC is fixing lens cap errors for free. See link: Apparently they have a problem with the camera thinking it has the lens cap on when it does not. see comment on's support screen under customer notifications.

    Comments 2, Last comment by vasu Dec 29, 2005

    Thanks for the info! I have the same problem and couldn't find anything on the JVC site. You folks have saved me lots of time and effort! Thanks, and Happy Holidays! Tom



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