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Re: Sony Sava-500 Not Working

gary ridenour Posted Sep 18, 2005, in response to:Jackie

I fixed a lot of those SAVA units. in every case of dislay on but no sound it was a semi conductor. power amps are prime suspect. the SAVA500 can be grins and giggles to dis-assemble..........luck.


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    GREETINGS< I wandered if you could help me. I bouught a set of these a couple years ago and havent done anything with them until now and find that i have no wires. I quess I need the speaker output wire from back of speaker with the connection Speat connection on speaker a square plastic. goes speaker to speaker. I ordered what sony said was replacement and what they sent was a 30 cent piece of speaker wire with no connections for $30.00...Any idea where I can can the right wire thanks

    Comments 4, Last comment by Arthur Nov 14, 2006

    Thank you for the advice, but I sold those pieces of crap a couple months ago. Hopefully to someone more electronically inclined than I. I am SOOOO done with Sony products. I had purchased a Trinitron TV, 5 disc CD changer and the the SAVA system at the same time. Now, 4 years later, I only have the TV left working and I have gone through 2 PS2 systems in a year. I do NOT recommend Sony to anyone. Jackie

    Comment 1, Last comment by gary ridenour Sep 19, 2005


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