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Re: HCDGS100 stereo

Steve Posted Sep 20, 2005, in response to:Nick

I have the same model, and the same thing happened to me a few days ago. I used to repair electronics long ago, and I think the message we're getting is because the unit has a circuit that protects the sensitive audio output module and other heat generating transistors from burning out when a short circuit occurs somewhere else in the system. In other words, I don't think it's as simple as a blown fuse, but more likely a short in the power supply, audio drivers, or audio output section itself. Since these devices usually cost a lot to repair, I opened my unit up and tested the fuses with an ohmmeter, tested some rectifiers for shorts, and even replaced the audio output module, which is the most sensitive heat generating part in any stereo. None of this did any good, but the part only set me back about $10 or so. To really get into it more deeply would involve buying a service manual and getting test equipment that I don't own anymore. So, bottom line seems to be that if we want to keep our units, we will probably either have to pay a lot for repair, or find a used one somewhere on ebay. The problem is that you can't really find a new 50-CD + changer with built in amp anymore, because MP3 and ipod has made regular CD's obsolete. On the other hand I have lots of CD's, so it comes down to either converting them all to MP3 and buying a 5 or 12 disk MP3 player, which you can find everywhere, or going to a component system, for which you can still find 50+ CD changers, though they're also becoming harder to find. I've already looked on Craigslist and ebay, and have found nothing for sale. Good luck!


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