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Need video camera spare,replacement parts.Manff or supplier contact list i need.

Arvin Posted Sep 22, 2005

I need regular supply of video camera spares parts ,replacement parts any where from world at best cheap price.

Hello We are regular buyer and always I need of parts ,I hope you will give us best price for following parts. Sr. Part No. desc. Model No. SONY 1. 1-477-679-11 ROTARY, ENCODER DCR-TRV22 2. A-7093-612-A DRUM BASE BLOCK ASSY DCR-VX2100 3. A-4900-081-A DRUM ASSY(DEH-14B/J-RP) DCR-VX2100 4. 1-861-188-11 FP-835 FLEXIBLE BOARD DCR-HC30 5. A-7031-276-A CCD BLOCK ASSY DCR-TRV22 6. A-7031-101-A Prism Assy(Including 3CCD) DCR-VX2000E 7. 8-753-209-13 ACX500ENA-J DCR-VX2100E 8. A1075360A MD (Z300) SUB ASSY (Y) DCR-TRV22E 9. A-7048-981-A DRUM (DEH-30A-R) DCR-TRV22E 10. X-3948-438-3 COASTER (T) AASSY DSR-PD150 PANASONIC 1. LSXY0480 SHAFT CASE UNIT NV-DS60 2. LSXY0588 SHAFT CASE UNIT NV-GS11 3. LSXY0763 SHAFT CASE UNIT NV-GS25 4. VJB000F0 MONITOR FLEX (1) AG-DVC15E 5. VJB000F1 MONITOR FLEX (2) AG-DVC15E 6. VXD0349 LCD HINGE NV-MD9000 7. VXD0357 LCDHINGE (2) AG-DVX100 8. VXD0421 LCD HINGE (1) U NV-GS200 9. VXD0426 LCD HINGE (1) U NV-GS400 10. VXD0443 LCD HINGE (1) U NV-GS75 Regards Arvin


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