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Paul Posted Sep 24, 2005

Problem with video recording

Hi I have a JVC (GR-D 70AA) camcorder I am having a problem with.I am having trouble getting a picture on my camcorder. When turned on I only see black through the lens and through the screen. It looks like the lenscap is still on and Constantly gives the lens cap warning . The LCD is black with the lenscap and focus warnings flashing. Please tell me, what happened and how to fix it. Thankyou


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    Just to say that I came across this thread on the net when searching for 'lens cap problem' and it was very helpful to me. I have a £1500 JVC GR-PD1 (UK PAL model) which has been used literally *3* times before... I've just dug it out of the box to start using it more, and I encountered the 'remove lens cap' problem. Damn! However, JVC (well, their service agents in Kent) are going to fix it, even though it's way out of warranty, being about two-and-a-half years old. Cheers, JD, South Coast, UK

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    Re: JVC GR-D70AA

     Glen Posted Jan 26, 2010

    Had same problem and it's a wonder they didn't recall them all, requires a circuit type replacement had mine fixed no trouble.

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    Re: JVC GR-D70AA

     j. bosch Posted Sep 28, 2009

    shutter does not open

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    Re: JVC GR-D70AA

     whtthe Posted Mar 15, 2009

    i bought my GR-D70 AA 5 years ago. I've had the same problem for the last 3 years of it. You've got to get it repaired by the JVC as they have to change the IC on it. It cost me $180 AUD 3 years ago. But it's still stuffed. I'm never going to buy a JVC product again.

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    Re: JVC GR-D70AA

     griffo Posted Nov 26, 2005

    I have the same model, about 2 years ago I had the same problem, I had it seen to through waranty by a freelance technican who said it was "to do with a lubricant within the camera", that, if it is left in a hot area i.e left in car on hot day especially in direct sunlight, the lube will thin out and seep into a sensitive section. So that could be it, The techo fixed it and I haven't left it in hot places anymore. I'm after a driver for mine due a system brakedown and no disc(lost it) don't know if you could help?

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    Re: JVC GR-D70AA

     Ruben Posted Feb 25, 2007

    I have the same problem as you with the european version of the JVC GR-HD1US (is called JVC GR-PD1)!! But nobody talk about it in Europe. This information could help me, thank you very much

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    Re: JVC GR-D70AA

     Russell Posted Nov 01, 2005

    Notice Regarding Camcorders JVC has received reports that in certain circumstances, a small quantity of units of the models listed below, may, while in the camera mode, show no picture, a distorted picture and/or display “LENS CAP” even though the lens cap is removed. We have identified the cause as a failure of the CCD image sensor. Until October 1, 2007, repairs of units exhibiting these problems will be made free of charge at JVC Factory Service Centers. Click thisFactory Service Center link to find your nearest location. Please call (800) 858-6442 if you need any assistance in obtaining a free repair. We apologize for any inconvenience and are appreciative of your understanding and support. Model Numbers VHS-C Camcorders GR-AX880US, GR-AX890US, GR-AXM151US, GR-SXM161US, GR-SXM250US. GR-SXM260US, GR-SXM265US, GR-SXM750US, GR-SXM755US DVC Camcorders GR-D22US, GR-D30US, GR-D31US, GR-D32US, GR-D33US, GR-D70US, GR-D71US, GR-D72US, GR-D73US, GR-D74US, GR-D90US, GR-D91US, GR-DX75US, GR-DX77US, GR-DX95US, GR-DX97US, GR-HD1US, JY-HD10US

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    Re: JVC GR-D70AA

     Adrian Posted Sep 26, 2005

    Hi, I have a JVC GR-D30 and I have the exact same problem as you. I studied the entire user's manual and found nothing to fix it. Did you find anything?

    Comment 1, Last comment by Steve Oct 31, 2005


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