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DISCREET for sale

Scott Wurzburger Posted Sep 27, 2005

Smoke, Flame and Inferno for sale

If interested in any of the following items, call us at 714.755.5580, or email at ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE, PLEASE CALL Discreet Inferno HD V.5.5, $175k RENT @ $25k/month Inferno HD V5.5 System : Onyx 2 DeskSide 4X300mhzCPU's, 24" Super Wide Monitor, CD,2.5GB GVO/DIVO Video Option, HD I/O,Yems serializer,Philips cable, 6X8 Transparent overlay surface serial Tablet w/UP-201 Stylus,1.4 terabytes Expansion Chassis, Fibre Channel Discreet Inferno 6.2 on SGI Onyx350: $300k Inferno 6.2 system: Onyx350, 4x700mhz cpu's, 1xIR4, 24 in mon, fibre adapters, 3Gb memory, DM3, GVO, cablin, Wacom tablet, and 1Tb of Stone st Discreet Inferno/Fire combo: CALL Configured Onyx2, 8x250mhz R10k IP27 Processors, 1.5 Gb RAM, 24" monitor, DAT tape drive, CD Drive, Permanent Inferno 5.x License, Permanent Fire 5.x license, Sapphire 3 sparks package, Stone Fibre array in IBM enclosure: 15 drives: approx 4.5 hrs SD storage, Fibre Channel board for HPPI connectivity (wire), DVO, GIVO, SD I/O, Sonic Audio Discreet Flame 9.2 on SGI Tezro: Flame v9.2 System: SGI Tezro, V12 graphics, 4x700mhz processors, 24 in monitor, fibre channel adapters, 3gb memory, dm3, cabling, Wacom transparent overlay surface Tablet, 1TB of Stone Storage. Discreet Flame HD V.8 .5, $145k RENT @ $20k/month Discreet Flame HD V.8.5 configured on an SGI Octane 2 with dual 400Mhz. processors, 1.5 Gig Ram, Wacom graphic tablet, SGI 21” 16x9 monitor, V12 graphic engine, DM2 breakout box, ½ Terabytes of Storage Discreet Flame 8.5, $110k RENT @ $10k/month Discreet Flame 8 pre-owned system: Octane MXE Dual 300Mhz SGI Monitor, CD Drive, FiberChannel Adapter, 1 GB Memory, Digital Video I/O, Cabling, 1 Hour of Storage, Discreet Wacom 6x8 Tablet Discreet Smoke HD DI 6.7: CALL configured on Tezro V12: 4*800mhz, 24" monitor, DM3, cabling. stone IR73 storage system, expansion chassis, Fibre channel technology, 1 Terabyte storage, True random access, 3U rack enclosure, expandable, dual stream, includes one cold spare drive. Discreet stonefs v2 high performance file system. First Year Advance parts exchange on new Discreet h/w plus 12/5 hotline Discreet Smoke HD V.6, $120k RENT @ $15k/month Discreet Smoke HD V.6 configured on an SGI Octane 2 with dual 400Mhz. processors, Wacom graphic tablet, SGI monitor, & ½ Terabytes of Storage Discreet Smoke version 6, $48k. RENT @ $8k/month Discreet configured on Octane MXE platform V. 6 software Dual 250Mhz, D9 stone and wacom tablet. Discreet Smoke 6.7: CALL Configured on Linux, with 1 Terabyte of storage


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