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Re: JVC gr-d31 mini dv camcorder

marvin magallanes Posted Sep 28, 2005, in response to:marty

causes and solutions: 1: dnt use cheapo firewire card:might as well invest on a pinnacle card for example,it has a higher bitrate transfer. 2:windows movie maker?comeon mate,use ulead studio 9,it has batch capture capability,or wait for the soon to be released pinnacle studio 10 3;check ur hd space,windows movie maker capture in avi files which guzzle ur hd like a hummer 4.jvc is notorios in performance,firewire cap is very annoying 5.check ur hardware setup(harware info on ur settings) if it recognize ur capturecard. 6.check if the card is hooked up properly on ur pci slot,assuming ur on desktop 7.use it for a while,then reattaced ur iiee card,smell if there a burning scent. 8.if the card is less than 80 smacks,forget about it


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