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Does JVC make a reliable Camera?

Mickie Shaw Posted Sep 29, 2005

High Def Camera

I want to buy the JVC GY-HD100 HDV camera, but I was told by a friend who is a video tech that JVC is not reliable and in the shop a lot. Has anyone found JVC camera unreliable and their warranty difficult to make claims on?


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    yeah i own one, and everything was working fine until one day sudenly an error apaeared on the screen for no reason, an error that i think i has no solution unless u pay. so if u ask me the jvc is not a good mini dv camcorder.

    Comment 1, Last comment by jordi crespo Sep 26, 2006

    My experience with JVC Video Camera GR-D50A telling it is not reliable at all, I got a lot of problems and every time going to the agent for repair, it works for 1 week, then i got a new problem. I donot recommend you to buy a JVC camera



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