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Trevor Posted Sep 29, 2005

Okay so I was browsing for a solution to my television problem and came across this site. Let me tell ya. After having problems with a Sony laptop that was less than 8mos old I grew concerned over sony products. Tossed it up as a freak incident. But now, My television, Sony KV36fs100 Just died. I was watching it lastnight, turned it off, gone to bed.. got up this morning to check news and nothing... thing wouldnt power up or anything. The LED light flashes twice and pauses. I tried unplugging and left it unplugged for over 2 hours. Still nothing. Strange enough.. This product did last 3 months past warrantee. SONY.. CAN U HEAR ME NOW? I wont buy your crap any more.. EVER.. Fool me once, shame on u.. fool me twice shame on me...


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