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Sony Trinitron 5 years old tv problem

M Posted Sep 29, 2005

TV Troubleshooting

Hi, I have a 5 year old Sony Trinitron... One day I turned on TV, sound is perfect but red light blinking and video does not turn on (usually it used to blink a few times in black screen and picture will turn on) Wondering if there are any tips out there


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    Yes there are! Depending on your model, and the number of hours your set is on each day...I would bet more than 6 hours if only 5 years old, then increasing the G2 control(usually RV702 on CRT PCB) will restore the picture or the CRT will need rejuvinating(trip to local tv shop). Be careful if you are not a tech. ,there are nasty voltages very close to G2 control. If G2 control is maxed out, then CRT will need rejuvenating. I have done this many times with very good results. Best wishes.



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