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JVC ON TIMER video or audio

Al Barrs Posted Sep 30, 2005

JVC ON TIMER blinking remedy request

I have read several individual who have the same problem we began experiencing two days ago...our 32" JVC TV won't come on when we turn the TV on in the morning, but the ON TIMER begins to blink. Yet, I have yet to see any response as to what causes this and what will remedy it, if anyting... Please, anyone who has had this ON TIMER blinking accompanied by no audio or video please post same or e-mail to me. Thanks in advance! Al


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    Good evening Ralph; I finally took it into a JVC repair shop in Dothan Alabama and they replaced one small part that was still in warranty. It has been working fine ever since. They had to spend some time troubleshooting to locate the defective part. I don't remember what the name of the failed part was. I suggest your nearest JVC sanctioned repair shop.



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