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JVC DVL300 Blue Screen of Death

jonah Posted Oct 01, 2005

No signal coming from tape during playback -- blue screen only, with blank timecode

My JVC DVL300 (just out of warranty) isn't getting the signal from the tape during playback, and possibly isn't recording either. I cleaned the heads numerous times, charged the battery, and tried a few different name-brand tapes. I press record, and can watch the timecode count up. Then I switch to play, rewind a bit, and get only the blue screen with a blank timecode, no picture. So the screen is working and the camera is working, but no picture from the tape. I tried both record speeds, 'A' vs 'M' record mode, etc. Thanks!


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     jonah Posted Nov 05, 2005

    In response to my own posting here from last month, let me tell you how I solved the problem, in case others have the same one. I had tried fully charging the battery, and also tried a new replacement battery, it didn't solve the problem. But today, on a whim, I tried recording and playback with the unit plugged directly into the power adaptor, no battery -- and it works! So, somehow, the batteries were allowing me to record, but not playback. Makes no sense, but it works.


    In response to my question posted at , Stacy Sample, JVC Service Houston (see email address at the top of this thread), gave me the following helpful -- if unwelcome -- answer: I believe the drum has failed on your camcorder and to be completely honest...don't spend money on a repair. You can buy a really nice camcorder for just around what a repair would run and have more functions. Check out these models first before you decide to repair this one. There is a cool site called and you can get a new camcorder comparable to yours or spend a few dollars more and have more functions.  Also you can get a 4 year parts/labor ext warranty for $59.99 more. I believe this would be best for you. Take a look and let me know what you decide.



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