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Sony CCD-TR7 Handycam video 8

ralph simpson Posted Oct 01, 2005

No play back

I bought this camera for underwater video.UW housing never leaked. No salt water ever entered camera, but was exsposed to ocean atmosphere. It has never been used for years.I tried to operate it recentley in the playback VTR mode. The tape will start to play, play for a few seconds,then camera shuts off & the caution red light flashes & everything stops. Does it just need to be cleaned or what? The UW housing is made to fit THIS model. No other camera will fit inside.


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    I'm looking to use this handycam as a survalance-type camera. I don't need to record with it. Does your camera work (image viewable thru the viewfinder) if you connect it to the charger and pluged in the wall? I don't even need the battery to work. I already have thisame camera already in use this way. I could use two more llike it. Thanks. -Jim (630)234-2293.



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