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Sony ps-lx47p turntable

mike mcneely Posted Oct 04, 2005

Power requirements

I need service manual or info from concerning power requirements for this turntable. I want to mate it with a Aiwa stereo unit. Any help will be appreciated.


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    i bought the ps-lx47p turntable used ans had the same power problem. I started with 12vdc and it spun at about 89rpm and then tried 6vdc and got it a bit slower then moved toa 4.5vdc and works great thanks

    Comment 1, Last comment by Rodrigo Apr 01, 2009

    hello, i see you have a sony ps-lx47p turntable, can you advise me of what needle this turn table uses as mine got lost ten years ago while moving house and the cover also got cracked. maybe you can possibley advise me as to where i may obtain these items as my hi-fi is dear to me


    I have the same question, but I do have the matching control unit. I've just put my multimeter on the power output connector for the turntable and it seems to be 12vdc. Any other advice? Lee

    Comment 1, Last comment by Steve Mar 13, 2008

    Re: Sony ps-lx47p turntable

     jim Posted Dec 25, 2006

    mike mcneely - I didn't see a response to your request. Did you determine what the power requirements are? I need the same info. Thanks, Jim

    Comment 1, Last comment by jim Dec 26, 2006


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