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sale SPU-3141/SPU-3170/KHS-400C/KHS-400R/SF-HD7/KHM-280AAA/PVR-802W/TOP-60/LA6508/RS2004FS etc laser pick up

Eva long Posted Oct 06, 2005


Dear Sir. WE SALE THE VCD,DVD,CD,PS,PS1,PS2,XBOX LENS AND SPARE PARTS LENES MODEL: khs400b,khs400c.khs400r,KSS240A,TOP60,kss-213B,SF-HD3,DV32,DV34,HD66,MKP60,PS2,PS1,vau1255,vam1250,hop1200s,hop1000,HOP1120 ,SF-DV34 ,CDM PRO,KSS-213C,kss-210a,kss-210b,kss-212a/b,kss-213B,ksm213ccm,CDM12.1,VAM1201,VAM1202/12,ksm213cdm,ksm213qcm,b31,ksm213vscm,khm220aaa,KHM-220AAA,KHM-210AAA,KHM-240AAA,KHM-250AAA,KHM-270AAA,KHM-290AAA,KRS-220,KMS-210,KMS-250KMS-260,KMS-280,KSM-440ACM,KSM-440ADM,KSM-440AEM,KSM-440BAM,KHS-130,KHS-150,KHS-180,KSS-710,KSS-720,VAM2201/03,2201/07,VAM2201/16,VAM1202/12,VAM1203,CDM12.4,CDM12.6,VAU1255/01,VAM1250,VAM1210,CDM4,CDM9,OPTIMA-5,OPTIMA-6,OPTIMA-7,OPTIMA-610,OPTIMA-710,OPTIMA-720,M95BG6U,H8124,H8136,H8137,H8142,H8147,H8151,H8 152,H8176,SF-87.5,SF-88,SF-90 (5/8),SF-90 IC (6/6),SF-91 (5/8),SF-91 IC,SF-92.5,SF-92.5,SF-93,SF-94,SF-95,SF-98,SF-P10013p,SF-P101(5/8),SF-P101(15),SF-P101(16),SF-P101N(15),SF-P101N(16),SF-151,SF-161,SF-P1,SF-U3000,SF-U5000,SF-HD3,SF-HD60,SF-HD66,SF-HD,DA-23,KSS-213D,kss213E.kss213F,kss213V,kss213VS,KSS-220A,KSS-310,KSS-313,KSS-314,KSS-315,KSS-330/331,KSS-350,KSS-360/361/362,KSS-390,KSS-410,KSS-412,KSS-450/451,KSS-520/521,KSS-530,KSS-540,KSS-542,KSS-543,KSS-560KSS360/361/362,SOHT4,VED0383,RCD1.3,SF-U3000,VED0381,RAE-0111Z,RAE-0150Z,RAE-0152Z,RAE-0142Z,RAE-0113Z,DVP-670&SF-HD7,KSS-210A/B,KSS-210A/B,KSS-213A/B/C/,KSS-213D/E/F/V/VS,KSS213F,KSS213VS,KSM213VSCM,KSS-220AKSM213CCM,KSS-240A,KSS-310,KSS-313,KSS-314,KSS-315,KSS-330/331,KSS-350,KSS-360/361/362,KSS-390,KSS-410,KSS-412,KSS-450/451KSS-520/521,KSS-530,KSS-540,KSS-542,KSS-543,KSS-560,KSS-564/565,KSS-570/571/572,KSS-582/583,KSS-600,KSS-610,KSS-620AAA,KSS-710,KSS-720,KSS-780,KSS-880,KSS-900,KSM900AAA,,KRS-220,KMS-210,KMS-250,KMS-260,KMS-280,SF-P151,PXR-560X,PXR-550X,KRS-350B,KRS-340B,KSM990AAA,M95BG6U PHILIPS,VAM2201/07,VAM2201/03,VAM2201/16,VAM1202/12 PHILIPS VAM1202/12(ONLY PICKUP HEAD,ORIGINAL ,NEW) VAM1201 VAM1201(ONLY PICKUP HEAD) PHILIPS VAM1203 PHILIPS VAU1255 CD PRO PHILIPS VAM1250 PHILIPS CDM12.4 PHILIPS CDM12.6 PHILIPS VAM1202/12 PHILIPS VAM1210 PHILIPS CDM4 PHILIPS CDM9 JVC OPTIMA-5 JVC OPTIMA-6 JVC OPTIMA-7 JVC OPTIMA-610 JVC OPTIMA-710 JVC OPTIMA-720 SAMSUNG M95BG6U SAMSUNG SOH-A1 SAMSUNG SOH-A2 SAMSUNG SOH-AAU SAMSUNG SOHAP SAMSUNG SOH -P1 SAMSUNG SOH-T3 SAMSUNG SOH-T4 SAMSUNG SOH-1V1 SAMSUNG SOH-DV1 SAMSUNG SOH-DP1 SAMSUNG SOH-D1A SAMSUNG SOH-D2A SAMSUNG B31 SOH-AD3 with anti-dust cover SHARP H8124 SHARP H8136 SHARP H8137 SHARP H8142 SHARP H8147 SHARP H8151 SHARP H8152 SHARP H8176 SHARP HPC-1LX SHARP HPC-1MX SHARP HPC-1X SHARP HPC-1H SHARP HPC-3H PANASONIC 501 PANASONIC 502 PANASONIC 510 RAE0150Z RAE0152 PANASONIC VED 0378 PANASONIC VED 0383 PANASONIC VED 0402 PANASONIC VED 0403 PANASONIC VED 0430 PANASONIC VXK 1292 SAMUP SF-87.5 SANYO SF-88 SANYO SF-90 (5/8) SANYO SF-90 IC (6/6) SANYO SF-91 (5/8) SANYO SF-91 IC (5/6) SANYO SF-92.5 SANYO SF-92.5 SANYO SF-93 SANYO SF-94 SANYO SF-95 SANYO SF-98 SANYO SF-P100 SANYO SF-P101(5/8) SANYO SF-P101(15) SANYO SF-P101(16) SANYO SF-P101N(15) SANYO SF-P101N(16) SANYO SF-151 SANYO SF-161 SANYO SF-P1 SANYO SF-U3000 SANYO SF-U5000 SF-HD3 SF-HD60 SF-HD66 SF-HD SANYO DA-23 PIONEER PEA1011 PIONEER PEA1016 PIONEER PEA1024 PIONEER PEA1028 PIONEER PEA1059 PS spindle PS powerboard PS lens with long cable PS lens with middle cable PS laser eye big motor PS laser eye small motor PS laser gear PS laser eye tray PS laser eye stand PS laser eye back cover PS laser eye black front cover PS Laser Len and Loop PS Laser Eye Extension cable PS laser long flat cable PS laser middle flat cable PS laser short flat cable PS laser eye wafer PS laser eye eyeglass PS laser switch PS laser motor cable PS laser eye grey front cover specially for Psone PS laser eye plastic granule PS2 A type laser eye PS2 B type laser eye PS2 C type laser eye PS2 R type laser eye BA5815FM BA5986FM BA5947FP BA5810FP BA6397FP BA6398FP BA6664FM BA5934FP BA6392FP BA5977FP PS2 laser eye cover PS2 Modchip link cable CXD2925Q CXD8530CQ CXD8606BQ CXD8561Q CXD1815Q CXD8514Q MB81G83222-012 MB81G83222-010 PS2 laser eye light PS2 memory card and controller socket(V1-V7) PS2 cooling fan PS2 power switch 200V 100/120uF capacitance 400V 170/300uF(M) capacitance(SHORT) DC Laser eye DC Laser Cable DC Laser mother board DC Laser collectivity DC Spindle Hub DC Replacement power supply DC Laser eye big motor DC Laser eye small motor OUR OUR OUR SKYPE NAME:wujianhongwei


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