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Re: DVC-15 shut down

Wayne Posted Oct 07, 2005, in response to:Bud

Hi Bud, Wayne here from North Carolina. I had the same identical problem. It started of course right when the warranty ran out last December. I was shooting a wedding around Xmas and I was in the pause mode. I'm glad I had a second cameraman. I just pressed the record button and all of a sudden it shut down. I had to switch the power lever off then back on. Once I started recording it seemed okay. But whenever I would either pause or record it would shut down. I located a local camera repair store and they attempted to fix it. I paid $895.00 which was labor and parts and of course when they had it, it never shut down on them. It has to be powered up and warm up for about 20minutes. I picked up the camera about 3 months later hoping it was fixed, but on the first shoot on Memorial Day and after about 30 minutes it shut down. I sent it back and and finally the same problem happened to them but they said it was hopeless. I got it back last weekend and started messing with it a little and man it just went haywire!!! It would shut off then on then off then on all by itself. Then what was strange the vcr / camera light on the grip would flash red then green then red then green fluxuating from camera view to vcr view. Tomorrow I am going to an authorized Panasonic Dealer in Greensboro NC and they are going to try and fix it. I'll keep you posted. I really love this camera because I did some comparisons with the Canon GL1, GL2 and XL1s and when you go to manual mode and set up just right there is little difference between the quality of the video. I like the dvc15 for it's lightweight, especially the audio setup it's great. And the run and gun on the top handle. Great for action shots. I shot a lot of video and did a documentary short with it. I am currently looking for another camera of this caliber. I have noticed that when a manufacture comes up with a great idea then they monkey it up with the upgraded version. Like for instance the AG-DVC7. What were they thinking. That was a step backwards. Then came the DVC80 the little brother to the DVX100/100a. Well, I would love to get my hands on one of those but there are none available anywhere I look. Sorry to vent so long, but this is frustrating. And I have several shoots coming up and I'm tired of borrowing cameras. I have an excellent Sony Digital 8 and with the proper lighting inside is works pretty good and outside it's just fantastic in light. If you have found a fix for this by all means please contact me. Well, wish me luck and good luck to you also and chat at ya later. Thanks for listening Wayne P.


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    Re[2]: DVC-15 shut down

     Bud Posted Oct 07, 2005

    Wayne, I found the problem in one of our cameras here. I have 24 of them and so far six have had this same exact problem. That is about a 30% failure rate in just over one year. The power switch is a bad design. That IS the problem. I repaired two of these this morning with opening up the unit and the switch and cleaning the contacts. They are silvered and had a black coating on them which is the problem. A new switch is only $1.16 each. But since I do not yet have any of them I wanted to see if this was the real problem and it is. This is a simi-pro unit and not just any location can repair this model correctly. It sounds like someone already got you once. This is about and hours worth of work if one knows what they are doing. Bud

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