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Re: DVC-15 shut down

Dan at UNLV Posted Oct 07, 2005, in response to:Bud

We have 10 of these cameras and every one of them had the same shut down problem. Inside is a small microswitch that fails. I replaced the switch on everyone of them, and the switch failed again. So I got serious and took out the switch and replaced it with a hardwire. Now one must remove the battery to turn it on and off, which probably is not the solution for most people, but at least it records when the button it pressed!


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    Re[2]: DVC-15 shut down

     Bud Posted Sep 01, 2006

    Dan, Have any more problems with the Panasonic cameras ? I have lots of screw ball problems. I found that cleaning those power switches rather that replacing them works much better also. Bud



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