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Re: Need Sony Part Number X38945101 for ICF-2001D/2010 Radio

Nicolo' Posted Oct 09, 2005, in response to:Louis B. Massano



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    Thanks Niko. But I can't help thinking that in an out-of-the-way warehouse somewhere on Planet Earth there is a stash of Sony ICF-2001D/2010 parts. And, if not, I still cannot fathom how Sony -- with its reputation for backing its products with parts, and always satisfying its customers -- can continue to sell innovative -- and expensive -- cutting edge electronic devices like this radio was in its day. If the 2010/2001D was a radio that had a production run of one or two years, the failure of Sony to support it with parts would be excusable. But this radio as you know was produced for almost 20 years. I was thinking of buying an SW-77 for example -- now I don't think I will. That's what I'll be emphasizing when I write to a brief note on my exasperation to Sony at its headquarters here in Park Ridge, New Jersey.



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