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KV-29F1U Switches off straight away!

Arthur Gibson Posted Oct 10, 2005

My Sony TV (KV-29F1U) switches off as soon as it's turned on, 2 LED blinks. Why?

Hi, Just picked up a KV-29F1U for a fiver, so wasn't expecting it to work, but it did, the sound came through loud and, a few seconds later, the picture came on, too, from my playstation. RGB SCART plugged into AV1. Anyway, half a second after the screen being clearly visible, it turned itself off and the LED blinks twice. What's wrong with it, and is there any way that I can stop this from happening? Could be a tuner box or something but I really only want the S-video & RGB to work; not interested in terrestrial. It seems, to me, at least, as though the TV is cutting itself off because there's a fault that it knows it's had. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can pretty much only have 1 tv due to a lack of space, it's either this one or the 21" sharp with no s-video. Borrowed one of these a year or so back, seriously impressed with the picture on it! Cheers, Arthur


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