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Brian Posted Oct 10, 2005, in response to:Thomas D

Hi. I also have a DSC-T1 and the screen is broken. I took apart the camera to see if I could take the pressure off the screen, since that's what looks like what's causing the problem. Well, when I took it apart and opened it up, a small silver pin fell on my desk (with a flat cyclindrical head at one end). And now I can't figure out where that part goes. I thought I'd ask if you know where that pin belongs, and if you could either send me directions you give to replace the screen, or at least just tell me if you know of the pin I'm talking about. Thank for your help. Brian,.


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    The pin came from the lens assembly. We havent been able to figure out what its exact purpose is the camera seems to work just fine without it. Looking at the lens assembly, on the left hand side about half way down there is a small hole, drop the pin in there with the head up. Done! Thomas



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