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Sony PFM-500A3WU Error Code 12-22

Tyler Posted Mar 14, 2006

No picture with service code 12-22

Hello, Recently my Sony LCD stopped showing picture and the service code given is 12-22. I was curious if there has been anyone who was able to troubleshoot this issue and resolve it. I'm currently checking to see if there are any blown cicruits or anything else of that nature on the board. Any help would be great. Thanks!


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    Terrible as it might be to say, but if the actual panel itself goes defective on "any" Plasma (or even LCD) set the whole set can be classed as a proverbial bucket job as the cost of replacing same is not far off the price of a new set, and in some cases even more when taking it into consideration the fact that sets have came down in price compared to what they were a couple of years ago. This is the reason that its absolute folly to purchase any of these type of TV's without taking out an extended warranty to guard against possible failures.


    hi have you fixed the problem? as i have a x-sus and y-sus board for sale. and power supply if you send me an email i can tell you what to look out for on the board and if it's repairable. regards will


    IT's not the Plasma Display panel if it comes all the way on once in a while, I have the same Unit and after it turns on an doff a couple of times sometimes it comes all the way on and has a great picture, I have discovered that the power supply goes bad, but they want $893.00 for one and there unavailable at this time...


    I had the same problem. I downloaded the Service Manual from Manuals Paradise. The Manual says that the self diagnostic will report 12 - 22 and then 99 for a dead panel. I figured since I was only getting the 12 -22, it was stuck in a loop from a failure somewhere else. I had a Sony Repair Rep look at it, and as soon as he turned it on and saw the screen blink, he told me the panel was bad.

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