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Re: C:13:01

Soli Deo Gloria Posted Apr 14, 2006, in response to:alain jonckheere

I think I found out how to utilize the Sandisk Magicgate 256mb memory stick on Sony Digital Camera. Just did it successfully! I have a DSC-P73 Sony Cyber-shot. First, I insert the Sandisk stick into the camera. Of course, I get C:13:01 memory error. Then I plug my USB cable from my camera to my computer. After that, I go to "My Computer" to find the drive that my camera is connected. Then, I right click the drive and select format. I have Window XP home edition. I click the box where it says "quick format" and click "OK" Finally, Whalla! There is connection! No more C:13:01 error! Please let me know if this works for you. Soli Deo Gloria!


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