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Problem with GR-D33U Black screen - lens cap message

Jason C. Scott Posted Dec 14, 2006

My camcorder screen is black and I see the message that the lens cap is on, when it is not. It looks like there is a "white balance" icon on the screen. It still plays tapes that have been recorded and it records sound, but no video.

I first noticed this problem the other day. I haven't used the camcorder in a few months, but plugged it up to charge, then when I had a full charge and tried to use it, I get nothing but a black picture - black on the LCD screen, black through the viewfinder. The first message I get is a lens cap error message, even though the lens cap is not on. I've tried re-setting the camera to factory specs to no avail. I think that the icon on the screen is a "white balance" icon, but trying to adjust the white balance does nothing. I have review the manual and gotten no where. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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