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JVC I'Art AV-48WP74 Convergence Problem!!

Arlene Posted Jan 19, 2007

Convergence problem - JVC I'Art AV-48WP74

Rear Projection TV - 2 1/2 years old. There are wavy green lines in upper left corner of our convergence screen and we cannot adjust the blue/red colours properly. The actual TV picture has shadow colours of red and blue throughout. We tried both auto and manual convergence (and reset options) - but no good results. Can anybody help?? Thanks. Arlene


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    Hi my name is Dustin Collins I have had several convergance problems with my tv. First the the screen was not squared right from top to bottom, I had that fixed under warranty.Then next my green came out like a wave in the screen, I figured out that I needed to replace the stk392 chips, this fixed my green.But now my red has popped out and I am diagnosing that problem. If you take the front panel off your tv you will see the boared that all the repairs will need to be made on. As of rigth now by hear say my next move will be to replace the risisters around the stk392 chips.That is what has been said to fix the red.Right now I have my red shut off so I get a picture that all colors are made from blue and greeen people look like there dead with blue lips, but it works.The stk392 chips are $25 dollars a piece there is 2 of them, your tv should have 110's in it but replace them with 150's, they have black heatsinks bolted to them, you can see them clearly with the front panel of the tv off. You need to remove the boared they are soldered to a few wires that just plug in and a couple of black clips that hold the boared in place. I would check thr risitors around the stk392 chips look for discoloring or burnt ones. I wish you the best of luck if you have any questions you can e-mail me at

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    Our television is just over 2 years old and this started back in January 2007. We tried the built-in convergence program as well as resetting the TV, but had no joy. Fortunately we were able to set it manually for it to be viewable. However, top and bottom of the screen views are slightly curved and is annoying sometimes. I've investigated this further and the fix is that you will have to replace two electronic circuits in the TV to make the convergence work. The expected cost of this fix is around $300 CAD. You can go to to find your nearest service provider who will be able to help you find a solution. I hope this helps. Best regards Rajn Canada


    Just started having the same problem tonight. Were you able to find a solution?


    We have the same model, about the same age, and just started with red lines and double vison yesterday. We were hit with a huge snow storm, don't know if it's related.


    Wow - exactly the same problem occured yesterday and the age of my TV is the same also. If I figure out the problem, I'll let you know. Please do the same for me.



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