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JVC GR-D72U Digital Camcorder D72 GRD72U Lens cap

Robert Glover Posted May 29, 2007

JVC GR-D72U Digital Camcorder D72 GRD72U Lens Cap problem

My JVC GR-D72U Digital Camcorder D72 GRD72U shows lens cap even though its not covered other functions are fine not able to record new video.


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    No Prob...I had the same problem with my GR-D72U. There is a defect in the CCD image sensor. JVC will fix it for FREE! All it will cost you is shipping it to them. Call the Customer Care Center at (800)858-6442 and they will tell you were to get the Service Request From. Send it off to your nearest service center and they ship it back all fixed up in less than a week. I must tell you though, you ONLY have until Dec. 31 2008 to do this. Not only did they fix mine, they cleaned the heads but also buffed out a scratch. After you get yours fixed, post as many helps as you can to others.


    Full details of this problem sent via DIRECT e-mail, this including info on the procedure used to obtain the "qualified" free repair being offered to "original" purchasers of the camcorder, provided they can show evidence of purchase. Note! The offer does "not" apply to second hand purchases.

    Comment 1, Last comment by kestutis Jul 26, 2008

    Please send me instruction to fix my JVC GR-D72U Digital Camcorder D72 GRD72U Lens Cap problem. Let me know if you need any further information. I appreciate your help.

    Comment 1, Last comment by momar senghor Oct 10, 2007


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