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Joe Stanaback Posted May 29, 2007, in response to:Paulo Sa Elias

My Sony DSC-F717 started taking cloudy, barely visible, still shots about 26 months from its purchase date... It is now, no longer taking videos; about 45 months after I initially purchased it... To add to that... I rarely take photos; only at special occasions... So it is far from over used... I have had recent problems with other Sony produces. A $350 DVD player began acting up about 2 years after purchasing it. It encounters problems about 45 minutes into a DVD... I suspect it over heats or something... My brother reported the same problem with the same model DVD player that he purchased. PERSONALLY... I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SONY PRODUCT EVER !!!!!! SONY IS VERY INFERIOR - BAD !!!! May 29, 2007 --Joe.


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    I agree with the last two comments, that Sony has started producing lower quality products that don't match their reputation. I have a beautiful 5 dvd surround sound system that is very tempermental. So i have one of those $40 walmart dvd players underneath everything as a backup. I have to use it occasionaly but i shouldn't have to considering how much i spent on the surround sound system. Oh by the way i also purchased the DSC-F717, that is what brought me to the website fortunately it has not displayed the problem that everybody mentions. I worry that, since i use the camera only occasionaly the problem will manifest itself, after recall period ends in OCT of 07.



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