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Help on GR-DVL805 "Safeguard mode, reattach battery" problem

Dolby Lee Posted Jun 14, 2007

Help me please - GR-DVL805 camcoder

Hi Stacy, I hope you can help me on this problem. I have a camcoder GR-DVL805. I haven't used this camcoder that much. One day, the problem suddenly happened on my camcoder. It started showing "Unit in Safeguard mode, reattach battery" error message. First time when it happened, if I remove the battery and the tape and put them back several times, sometimes it started working for a while. But the error comes back again soon. Now it does not work at all. Either just show blue screen and does not show anything when I press "Play" button, or just show "Unit in Safeguard mode, reattach battery" error message. When I press Play button, I can hear the mechenical sound that the tape is playing, but the screen shows nothing. I surfed the internet and realized that so many people are suffering from this defect of JVC camcoder. Could you please give me an advice what I have to do? I'll look forward to your answer and thank you for your help in advance. Best Regards, Dolby


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