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Monika Campbell Posted Jun 16, 2007, in response to:cris

We have a home that was built in 1974 and it has a Nutone intercom system throughout the house that still works. It also had a doorbell that you could press in the front hall or kitchen in order to open the front gate door. We disconnected the front gate door assembly as the locks needed to be changed and was in disrepair due to the ocean/salt air that we live in. However, the intercom system throughout the house still works. I am renovating my kitchen and I was wondering if I could get a new plate for this intercom as it is ivory and looks really old. On the back of the plastic portion there is a stamped number that states H72Y. Other than that there is only a serial type number at the back of the cone/speaker portion. I have no other literature on this system as the house was sold several times before we purchased it. Can you tell me if I could still buy new cover plates for these intercom systems. I can be reached at: 831-917-8208 Any help would greatly be appreciated. My only other choice is to perhaps spray paint it. Thanks for any insight or ideas you may have.


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    Monica, Though its not impossible I don't think Nutone offers the option to replace the face plates. I would suggest to contact a authorized nutone service center. If I can be any assistance please feel free to call or e-mail. Robert Pinell IntraSonic Technology



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