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Noel Posted Jun 17, 2007

GR-D22 problems

I have the same problem as the folks listed below. Does anybody know what the problem is? Thank you. Noel Re: JVC service or questions Mark - 22nd Dec 2005 21:09 I have the JVC GR-D22 digital video recorder. About 1 yr old. I try to video and the screne is black. It starts out with the message to remove the lense cap( ens cap is off). All the numbers ect are on and there is a flashing manual focas sign. Hr and min of remaining tape is flashing, but no picture and won't record. What could be wrong??? Re[2]: JVC service or questions laura - 5th Feb 2006 6:34 Hello, I have been searching the web trying to find the answer to the problem with my GR-D22. I am having the same problem as you are. Mine wasn't even a year old when this happened too. I am wondering if you were able to get it back to normal and if so can you tell me how? Thanks


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