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Panasonic SA-DK10

Rachel Posted Jun 18, 2007

The SA-DK10 is a piece of garbage - anyone want to do a Class Action Suit?

So the fan hasn't worked for a long time - and the volume is great with the radio and cassettes and even music CDs, but when playing a DVD, ANY DVD, I have to crank the volume to 0 and still you can barely hear it! Can't find anything on the net about this specific problem, but can definitely find lots of complaints about this model. Since buyers of another Panasonic item were able to get a class action lawsuit going, and so many of you here are fed up with Panasonic, and specifically this product, does anyone have a way to get our money back? This has never worked right from day one, and the idiots at Panasonic customer service just said that the DVD's must be bad. (ALL OF THEM?) Panasonic swears this is not a defect. If I have to go buy a new system (DVD, cassette, tuner, speakers, receiver), I think Panasonic should foot the bill.


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