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jvc Grd347u

Misty Posted Jun 19, 2007

need help

i need a dv connector 4 pin with a usb end because my computer doesnot have a firewire hook up on it. does anyone know where i can look or where i can buy one at?


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    Re: jvc Grd347u

     Brendan Bartholomew Posted Jul 29, 2007

    If I understand the question, you're hoping to find a cable that will plug in to your JVC's firewire/DV port on one end, and then have a USB plug on the other, so as to connect to your computer. Well Misty, here I was, getting ready to say, "I'm afraid you're looking for a cable that does not exist. You see, firewire and USB are two very different technologies, and changing something as simple as the physical plug on the end of the cable would not enable..." And blah, blah, blah... Though it is a true statement that just changing the plug won't solve your problem, wouldn't you know it, I'm wrong, and the cable you seek does, in fact, exist: It's made by a company called Pixela, and they accomplish this wizardry by including some type of microprocessor in the cable, which handles the necessary conversion. The only bad news is that this cable costs $119! You could probably add a firewire card to your computer for less money, but that, of course, would be contingent upon whether your PC has an open PCI expansion slot, and whether you or a family member are comfortable opening up the case and installing a simple upgrade.



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