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Re: JVC GR-D73AA cam corder black screen help required

Frank Posted Jun 20, 2007, in response to:Trent Smith

I have the what seems to be the exact same fault with the same model. I can playback tapes and see them on the screen and in the viewfinder, but am unable to see images I want to record via the viewfinder or the screen. At the bottom centre of the screen there is what looks like a head on shoulders on the left and on the right there are a couple of mini mountain peaks and in between both are opposing vees. The images are flashing, and I am unable to find out what they are via the menu. Problem is that I originally thought the fault was caused by humidity as we were in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago when it occurred, but the cam has had plenty of time to dry out with the satchets of silica gel in the bag. At present I am touring the USA, and the budget does not allow for the purchase or repair of the unit, and I do not have the operations manual with me to check further. Any advice is welcome if you can pass it on to me. Thank you.


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