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JVC "D" Series TV, 26", 4 years old

vickie dawkins Posted Jun 21, 2007

Suddenly, we have a transparent bar across top of screen reflecting any words or graphics that would normally appear below the screen.

My husband and I have experienced zero problems with our JVC D series, 26" TV until one week ago when suddenly we noted a strange transparent bar appear on the top third of the screen reflecting graphics or images that would normally appear on the bottom third of the screen. Any suggestions or has anyone else experienced this? All help and advice welcomed!


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    this is called "vertical foldover" - the vertical deflection circuit is not operating correctly, resulting in the picture 'folding over' at the top. most likely culprit is a defective capacitor or capacitors in the vertical deflection circuit. a good repair tech will spot this immediately.

    Comment 1, Last comment by vickie dawkins Aug 09, 2007


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