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broan music intercom

john bishop Posted Jun 25, 2007

Broan Intercom not working

I have a Broan Intercom which I bought 18 years ago. The power is on, the clock is on. I cant set anything. The radio does not work. The intercom does not work. Where can I buy parts? Broan Intercoms seem to have disappeared from the earth (at least from the internet)


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    John, The broan intercom is manufactured today by a company call Nutone. They can be reached directly. The website is If they cannot help you you can call a nutone service center which they should be able to refer you to a company. You can also call two companies that repair Broan (Nutone) systems. They are either S & K Electronics or All Electronics . You are welcome to e-mail or call if you have further questions. Robert Pinell IntraSonic Technology, Inc.

    Comment 1, Last comment by frank stanes Jul 26, 2009

    I have an 18 year old Broan music intercom. I opened it and the model reads KWH40 with K1400 or K1401. Also in writing appears to be KUe01. You can speak from the main unit to a remote unit, but can't hear from the remote unit back at the main one. Also, the music has a static laden sound that isn't clear like the main speaker is blown or the antenna isn't connected well. The remote speakers sound the same so don't know if they are supplied directly by a line output or go thru main speaker. Can you help. House was built 18 years ago. We were not original owners and can't seem to find a manual



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