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Robert Pinell Posted Jun 27, 2007, in response to:f shrader

Re: NUTONE INTERCOM SYSTEM F - 24th Jun 2007 12:23 Nutone Intercom 2090 I'm looking to replace wall speaker units for this system (probably installed in about 1971) as they are missing parts, yellowed, cracked, etc. I've seen the replacement suggestion for this 3-wire system and am wondering if the speakers will work without replacing the master unit, too. It definitely have issues with interference when a halogen torcherie light is turned on and I think it is even on a separate circuit. Will a dedicated line help reduce this as I know the system is on a line with other things or is this due to the age of the system? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, F If the system that you have installed is a 3-wire system and you are looking to replace it your choices are the following. 1. Replace it with a Nutone 3 wire system. This may be the most affordable direction. 2. Replace it with a M&S DMC3-4 but you will have to change out all the room, patio and door stations. Also, buy frames to cover any oversized holes. As for the interference a dedicated line will always help but not a sure thing. It depends on how the original wires were run. If it's side by side and not crossing the 110V this can cause hum or if it's 18" near a light fixture or light switches this can also cause hums in the system. If you have any further questions you can e-mail me direct or call at 877-435-0670. Robert Pinell IntraSonic Technology


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