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Re: JVC GY-X2B problem

sam Posted Jun 29, 2007, in response to:Russell Smith

I have just purchased the JVC GY-X2B, and know very little about it however I did have the same problem, and did something that got rid of the warning. Your know how, proberly is greater the mine however I did mannageto fix this problem not intitirly sure how I did it. Make sure you have the power butten all the way forward to record. Make sure the zebera switch is off ( this switch is at the front of your camcorder. Can you tell me I'm having trouble recording sound I have a mike pluged in to the back ( audio in/r...termanal ) and am getting nothing through.


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    Under your audio level controls is the door with numerous switches. You have to switch to line in instead of the camera setting to use an external mike. If this doesn't work, you might have a problem with your mike. Thanks for the info on the "VTR Warning-Hard" display. I tried all You suggested, but am still getting the warning..(r a t s !!!) If you come up with anymore info, please e-mail...Thanks, Russell



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