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JVC GR-D70U camcorder importing video

Kim Sawyer Posted Jul 03, 2007

importing video to computer possible resolution

I've had trouble importing my video onto my computer. I'm using Vista with firewire capabilities. I am finally able to import my video and thought I'd share with you. First, I needed to buy a firewire cable and not use USB cord. Second, you must turn off your pc and camcorder. Set the VIDEO/DSC switch to VIDEO. Then turn the camcorder's power switch to PLAY while holding down the little lock button on the power switch itself, then.. keep holding... turn on the pc. That is what worked for me. Before this, JVC said there was no need for a cd or updated drivers and advised me to check the settings on the software I was using to capture video. I'm using Microsoft Movie Maker. NOTE: if you are using the USB connection, set the VIDEO/DSC switch to "DSC". When done, turn off the pc first, then camcorder. FYI - you're gonna laugh... I got this info from following the camcorder's instructions on "Connection To a Personal Computer". :) Good luck!


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    Both contributions should prove most helpful in carrying out an action that many people experience great difficulty with. Lets hope that the advice given is actually read "BEFORE" anyone makes a new posting on this subject, although going by track record that is wishful thinking!


    I have a slightly different model, a JVC GR-D260 and had similar problems importing video from the camcorder with firewire to a PC running Vista. Keeping the blue lock button depressed during firing up the PC really works! The auto import wizard does not start when doing this, but Video imports perfectly via Moviemaker on Vista. Thanks Kim for sharing this.



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