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Battery does not charge

Abul Ahmed Posted Jul 04, 2007

JVC camcorder doesn't work after 3 mothns of warranty period

I don't know what to say, I bought a new camcorder from Dubai in Dec 05, it's works fine till March 07 which is 3 months after warranty period. I spoke to few reparis centre and seems it is very costly. I don't know why this has happend straight after the warranty period? Is there any trick to it? I felt now that I should sticked to my previous brand which was very reliable.


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    Re: Battery does not charge

     JB38 Posted Jul 05, 2007

    If the heading is your problem then all you can really do is to try another battery, as there are some less than 100% batteries in circulation, however if it isn't the battery it could be "at the simplest" a faulty internal fuse which has blown, as there at approx four internal fuses located in various parts of the circuit depending on the model, which of course you havent mentioned! The fuses by the way being miniature soldered in types.



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