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What type DVD for Sony HCD-S300..... + or - types?

Kevin candy Posted Jul 05, 2007

I cut some Sony DVD+RW disks but my player won't recognise them......they play ok in newer kit.

A chap in a well know computer shop suggested that it was because the Sony of this age would not be a multi drive, so i needed to find out if it takes + or - disks and try a pack of them, but I can't find my users handbook to look it up in....anyone know the answer? The player is still great but i do have a consistent problem that the drive will say there is either No Disk or I get an error box up which just flashed 13:00.....this even happens with brand new DVD's sometimes....and I mean shop bought brand new DVD's.....any idea why this may be? This also happens on some older DVD's which have small scratched on! BUT some even more scratched DVD's play easily? Wondered if there is a reset function or something that resets calibartion of the head? because some disks won't read (problem abaove) and then after 3 or 4 attempts it suddenly reads them. Thanks


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