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Blank screen during video presentation

steve s Posted Jul 06, 2007

How to hide on screen logo and transport buttons prior to video playback

I would like to know how to generate a black screen prior to playing a DVD video through a video projector. Right now, I see the projector logo and "play" and "Pause" prompts on the screen and I need to block them out. I currently run the DVD through the projector (Sharp Noteview XR20S). Thank you


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    Hi, Steve! You want to "generate" a black screen on your ptojector. It's quite simple - Just don't run ANY video signal. The projector will automatically display a black (blank) screen. This can be done easily by acquiring an "A-B" switch from Radio Shack and routing your DVD through "A", leaving "B" open, unhooked from any device. (The OUTPUT from the "A-B" switch goes to your projector.) When you select "B", your projector will automatically display a black screen (no video signal). Just be sure that you don't have the video sensing auto-off feature enabled on the projector or it will power down after the predetermined length of "no video signal" time which you may have entered. If you're a little more ambitious, you can make your own "A-B" switch by getting a small "project box" (also at Radio Shack) and mounting two video IN-OUTS (RCA pin-plugs) and a simple "push ON-push OFF" switch. (When you push the switch OFF, there will be no video signal.) Most projectors will have "display options", or "OSD" (on-screen display). Set it so that no on-screen display (or prompt) comes on the screen telling you that you have no video signal present. Hope this works! - Rich



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