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JVC GR-D200EK Error Code EO3

NS Posted Jul 08, 2007

EO3 Error

I also have a JVC GR-D200EK Camcorder with the EO3 Code. It also displays "Unit in Safeguard Mode" and "Eject and Reinsert Tape". Having tried 4 different tapes, the unit fails to play or record. Any suggestions?


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    Re: JVC GR-D200EK Error Code EO3

     don Posted Jul 09, 2007

    I'v got a JVC GR-SXM38U with the same EO3 error code, but mine reads: Remove and reattach battery. I did, no luck. JVC Product support told me to try a new tape. I did. Same error code. Someon must've had this problem fixed, and I'd really like to know how it was done, and how much it cost. Thanks, Don


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