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Sony STR555es power supply problem?

jaredhouck Posted Jul 10, 2007

Sony str555es with constant clicking from power supply side

Hello all, my Sony str555es receiver is acting up. When powering up, there is a constant quick clicking sound from the power supply side. Sometimes it will click for about 2-3 minutes, then power up, and acts completely fine for weeks. Sometimes it clicks for as long as I let it go & no power up. Any ideas? Power supply switch going bad?


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    I to have a STR-555ES and bought it new in 2000. It worked fine for about a year, then it failed to power up at month 13 or so. Turned out to be switching relay that went bad.... I have had the same problem (power up...dead unit) now five other times in the past five years. I figured that I obviously got a lemon unit, as my other friends units (same model) has worked perfectly during the same timeframe....I don't play loud music or 'push' the unit at all. Mostly I keep the unit on with one of the satellite jazz stations on. every now and then, I shut the unit off. This condition only happens when I attempt to power the unit on. It is now a boat anchor, not even good enough for a garage room amplifier for 8-tracks.

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