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Re[3]: JVC KY-27B

Don Posted Jul 14, 2007, in response to:Mike

all video from camera and deck passes through the video board in the deck. most problems I have seen with loss of sync are related to one or more capacitors on this board; I've repaired about two dozen.


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    Re[4]: JVC KY-27B

     Mike Posted Jul 14, 2007

    Are you aware that this is a studio camera and, as such, may not have a deck docked with it? In this case it does now, but only because the customer wanted me to check it out too while I had the camera. However, with the studio back on, it has the same symptom so the deck IS NOT the problem. And, when using the BNC from the camera ONLY, it has the same symptom. It's definitely NOT a deck problem. I agree that if a deck is attached, the camera output is available from the BNC on the deck, but that's not the case here. I appreciate your attempt to guide me but in this case I think you're on the wrong track. Mike

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