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JVC video camera problem

Sandra Posted Jul 15, 2007

JVC digital camera model GR-D30U has lines on the picture.

My digital camera fell off of a table (well I have a 2 year old so it may not have actually 'fallen' if ya get my drift... But since then it has lines on it, and the picture is not discernable. The sound is fine but the picture is just colored lines that make it impossible to see a clear picture or identify any objects.


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    Hey there. Thanks for trying to help. I see lines on whatever I"m trying to record. But the lines are througout the screen which makes it impossible to see anything. The lines are present on the screen on the camera as well as on the TV. The camera screen plays previously recorded (ie before it fell) just fine, and is pefectly clear.


    Re: JVC video camera problem

     JB38 Posted Jul 15, 2007

    Are there lines on the picture when you play it back via your TV set? and does this happen when playing back "previously" recorded tapes? that meaning from some time ago and "not" what you have just recorded. The other thing is, if you put the camcorder into its "camera" mode ready to shoot some video, do you see lines on whatever the camcorder is pointing at?



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