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Error code 3300 JVC GY-HD 200

Gary Posted Jul 16, 2007

Need help, can't eject tape.

"unloading failure" is the warning. I need to get tape out. How do I get the tape out manually?


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    Hello. I just fiexed the problem. There was a stickie tag on the type that was getting in the way and caused the type to get trapped by the hardware. The way I did was by tapping all around the tape to loose the part where the type might be caught with the Cam off. Turn on the camera and "massaging" the type are as you push the eject button. Hope it workds for you! Cheers mate! Joel

    Comment 1, Last comment by Joel Lehmann Mar 18, 2008

    did you fixed the problem? I'm having the same problem now with the same cam.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Joel Oct 03, 2007


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